What We Do

“The focus is what is right before you – to give it your best. It sows the seeds of tomorrow.”

Kiran Bedi

We have extensively worked towards changing the lives of women that we have touched and have been able to identify issues that women have been facing. As much as we may believe that the change has come, it has still not trickled to the corners where it was needed.

Our nation is developing at an exceedingly fast pace, and we shall be able to attain prosperity when each one of us does his/her bit. We can be a mere instrument of change, but the change has to come in each one of us.

Our Community

Our Scope/Our Wok/How we work

We work on multiple levels for we believe that to grow, we need correction at various levels streaming to the roots which will fructify into boundless joy, independence, identity and heightened self-esteem.
In order to dignify and empower our women friends, we have identified ways to help them take their leap of empowerment. We collectively work on various platforms in order to spread joy.

Our Scope Includes :

  • To provide formal, non-formal education and vocational training to women.
  • To encourage and support women-led entrepreneurial ventures and self-employment.
  • To spread awareness against social misconduct like female infanticide/ feticide, dowry, child marriage, eve-teasing, domestic violence and the likes.
  • To spread awareness around healthcare and family planning.
  • To organise counselling sessions and grievance redressal cells.
  • To promote and formation of women-centric self-help groups.
  • To provide self-defence training and disaster management training.
  • To organise healthcare camps for women and children.
  • To provide financial assistance for the underprivileged and needy women.
  • To spread awareness about women's fundamental and legal rights.
  • To establish and manage shelters, creches and working women's hostels.
  • To contribute towards rehabilitation and resettlement of women under distress.



We work consistently towards Health-related issues and are dedicated to bringing difference through active campaigns that not only spread awareness but also help in dealing with them in practice.



Women empowerment is our soul. With every empowered woman, a family is empowered, and so is the society.

Uttarakhand Youth Club

Uttarakhand Youth Club

We created the Uttarakhand Youth Club (UKYC) to mobilise people-friendly initiatives. Our aim was to channelise the energy of our abundant youth towards efforts that will help our country grow.

WATER- Women’s Association for Training, Empowerment and Resettlement was established in the year 2002,

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